Celebrating Month of the Military Child

April was the Month of the Military Child and as a new month begins of honoring the people who serve, we want to pause and reflect on the importance of April’s month-long celebration.

Did you know? According to the Department of Defense, a military child will move six to nine times between kindergarten and high school graduation. This usually means that every two to three years, military children must pack up and move to a new city, state or even country. One of the biggest challenges of life as a military child is this practice of constantly having to start over, which can lead to feeling unsettled, or a lack of sense of belonging. To counteract those feelings, it is important to maintain some continuity in their life, such as through extracurricular activities, military base celebrations or the consistent involvement of military support organizations like the USO.

Partnerships like the one with HYLAN not only enhance our local programs but also strengthen community ties and support. Diane Havens and Cathy Aste’s contributions in organizing the gift bag preparation and delivery with the USO demonstrates their commitment and dedication to making a positive impact. It’s always inspiring to see organizations and individuals come together to create meaningful experiences and support causes they believe in.

“The valued community partnership with HYLAN enabled the USO in New Jersey to support approximately 600 military children from pre-kindergarten to high school,” said Senior Center Operations & Program Manager, MJ Flammer.

HYLAN’s staff assembled “Kids Kits” to give to children in honor of Month of the Military Child. | Photo credit HYLAN

“Alongside the USO, HYLAN proudly recognizes Month of the Military Child and honors the resilient families who support our nation’s heroes. Their unwavering courage and sacrifices are inspiring, and it’s our privilege to offer our steadfast support and gratitude. At HYLAN, we want our heroes to know that they are appreciated, valued, and supported. Together with the USO, we salute the bravery of our service members and their children,” said Marketing Manager, Anthony Scarmato.

HYLAN’s Diane Havens (right) and USO’s MJ Flammer (left) help load HYLAN’s gratitude bags for military children in the USO van.

HYLAN supported numerous programs this month including at a USO Special Delivery event for expectant and new mothers and at schools across the county, engaging with students and learning about what it means to be a military child. Every month throughout the country, there are outreach events that take USO programming to the community.

HYLAN’s Diane Havens (right) helped support the USO Special Delivery Baby Shower for expecting military spouses and expecting service members in New Jersey.

Are you interested in giving back to the people who serve and volunteer with the USO? Learn more about what it means to be a USO Volunteer! Visit: Volunteer · United Service Organizations (uso.org)

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